Amy's art gets the cover

19 Jan 18


Our paper on the p53 pathway and ferroptosis is published!

19 Jan 18

19. ZintisReview.jpeg

Our review on cell death is published!

18 Dec 17


STACK-themed pillows. Coming soon to a home near you

16 Dec 17


"White Elephant" gift exchange at the Dixon lab holiday party is no holds barred

16 Dec 17

12. RO1_jpg.jpg

Grateful to the Damon Runyon Foundation and Andy Rachleff! Two additional years of funding for our work on cancer cell death.

2 November 2017


Gio successfully completes his qualification exam

9 Oct 17

18. Cell_review.jpeg

Cell 'Primer' on ferroptosis in published! Co-authored by Scott and other researchers in this emerging area.

5 Oct 2017

14. Zintis.JPG

Zintis presents his work

Stanford Cancer Biology Retreat, San Jose, 16 Sep 17


Amy presents her poster

Stanford Cancer Biology Retreat, San Jose, 15 Sep 17

12. RO1_jpg.jpg

Grateful to the NIH/NIGMS. New RO1 starts today! 

14 Sep 2017

CCB_6 Sep.jpg

We are excited to join with our colleagues in launching the Stanford Center for Cell Biology


Construction continues on our future home, the BBB (Bass Biology Building). Projected occupation in August 2018!

Stanford campus, 1 Sep 2017


VPUE summer student Kyle Denton presents his summary poster

Stanford campus, 31 Aug 17


It's not all about birds. Campus also crawling with hare

Stanford campus, 24 Aug 17

Myshal Talk.JPG

SSRP summer student Myshal Morris gives his final talk 

Stanford campus, 23 Aug 17


A golden eagle carts away a squirrel. Biology on campus!

Next to the parking circle of all places, Stanford campus, 21 Aug 17


Early bird spots the...egret (I think)

CSHL Cell Death Meeting, 19 Aug 17


Megan talks about her findings

CSHL Cell Death Meeting, 18 Aug 2017


Pin-Joe describes his latest results

CSHL Cell Death Meeting, 16 Aug 2017


Jen explains her work. Aunoy looks on.

CSHL Cell Death Meeting, 16 Aug 2017


A gel cookie. Sample #3 looks correct.

Spotted in the lab, May 26, 2017